Mia- und Hermann-Hesse-Haus Gaienhofen

The Hermann-Hesse-House in Gaienhofen

Dear visitor!


We would like to welcome you to the Hermann-Hesse-House in Gaienhofen!

The poet and Nobel laureate for Literature, Hermann Hesse, had only one house built for him in his entire life: it stands in Gaienhofen at the Lake of Constance, Hermann-Hesse-Weg 2 and was built in 1907.

The architect Hans Hindermann designed the house for the Hesse family in the Arts and Crafts Movement style. Hesse lived in this house with his family until 1912.


For 90 long years, the house was more or less shut off to the public. Since November 2004, the renovation deserved by such a monument as the Hesse House has been completed: much was retained, much of it could be reconstructed "“ and so the rooms breathe again the spirit of the Hesse family.


The house can be visited after advance reservation.

Upon visitation, the everyday life of the Hesse family takes front stage: What was life like back then in the idyllic seclusion in this lavish country home and villa?


In 2007, Hermann Hesse"™s north garden was able to be restored, which can also be visited upon advance reservation. The restoration of the south garden ensued from March 2009 until April 2009. A number of tours on related-topics are offered throughout and based on the garden.


"Voluntary cultural-service": that"™s how one leading German newspaper described the work of married couple Eberwein in their saving of the house and garden of Hermann and Mia Hesse.